Why MDR? 

You need IntelliGO MDR, if you don’t have the people, technology, or time to conduct your own threat hunting initiative. Period.

There are many SMBs who don’t have these resources; there is nothing wrong with that (except that it leaves you vulnerable). It’s not a unique problem, and it’s not the result of mismanagement. The factors at play are entirely external: in the current market, the demand for qualified security analysts far exceeds the supply. Which means that…

You can’t afford to hire, retain, train, or manage a single security analyst (let alone those necessary for around-the-clock coverage).

Similarly, the threat landscape is outside of your control. Tools are also unaffordable, and each one is just a piece of the larger SOC you’ll need to be protected. And, without the elusive security analyst we just mentioned, you don’t have the knowledge to know which technologies you even need. Which means that…

You don’t have the expertise, nor the resources, to procure and manage security technology.

Finally, if your SMB is anything like the rest of our clients; you are too busy to get bogged down with either of those problems! In other words…

You don’t have the time to develop a process that can work within the constraints of having no people, or platform.

Let’s be direct: if you already have security resources, including people (a dedicated/qualified security analyst), next-generation technology (well beyond antivirus and firewall) and the time/process to manage those resources, IntelliGO is not a good fit.

…However, if you do not have those resources, IntelliGO’s MDR service can equip you with the benefits of an enterprise-grade SOC, for a fraction of the cost, more quickly, and without any software, hardware, or people to manage. You have your own business goals to hunt; leave the Threat Hunting to us.