Why IntelliGO

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) helps you overcome the challenges presented by an evolving world of cybersecurity threats.


New Tactics, New Impacts

The volume, complexity, frequency and impact of cyber attacks facing our customers have increased. New tactics have rendered prevention technology insufficient. The stakes are higher than ever for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that can’t tolerate the consequence of downtime and impacts on their business.

Double-Edged Sword

Meanwhile, technology that once protected you is a double-edged sword. Hackers are decentralized, better-funded, and have access to advanced security technology to test and tailor their attacks to overcome them. They also use these technologies to optimize and automate their attacks to function at a global scale. How can you keep pace, with your focus on delivering business outcomes through technological innovation?

New Stakeholders

Plus, you are no longer the only one who cares about your security posture. Your customers, suppliers, partners – their customers. The level of technological integration across the supply chain is unprecedented, leaving new avenues for hackers to take advantage of.

The Outcome

Everybody gets hacked. What separates the winners from the losers is the business impact, and whether your risk is trending down, or still increasing. Are you able to adapt to the evolving threat landscape, detecting incidents when (not if) they happen, and responding?

This is why IntelliGO MDR Services were developed: to reduce risk of business impact to SMBs facing the same threats as large enterprises, but without the same resources to overcome them.

What Can You Do?

Keep your business running and IT innovating. No longer must you devote resources to endlessly investigating alerts.  Unburden yourself of most of your cyber risk.  Build a competitive advantage over your competition.

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Let IntelliGO help you get there.

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Ingestion of data is essential for any pure-play MDR platform– analyzing logs from endpoints and network and prevention technology. Machine learning allows us to process more data than a human can (and faster). We invest heavily in Data Science, Engineering, and R&D, so we can continuously improve – identifying new factors that indicate compromise earlier.


Our differentiated feature set enables coverage across the Endpoint, Network and Cloud, while hardening your systems against future attack.


Our Threat Hunters capabilities are augmented by Machine Learning models that can react faster than any human can.


Our Technology adapts and improves with our models, allowing us to serve growing environments and remain effective at scale.


There are other options you can consider, such as building your own Security Operations Center (SOC) at great expense, engaging an Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) of questionable value, or continuing with the status quo and accepting the increased risk for your organization.

Risk Extremely Low Very Low Low Extremely High
Time Low High Med 0 until a breach
Cost $40K - $100K $1M + $150K + 0 until a breach
Required Experts None 5 Analysts
2 Engineers
1 Manager
1 or more analysts to validate, respond to alerts, and remediate issues 0 until a breach
Required Technology All you need is Firewall and Antivirus (even an OS-native one like Windows Defender)

Our Threat Hunters use our advanced Security Operations Center to secure your network, via EDR sensors installed on your endpoints.
Firewall / NGFW
Vulnerability Scanner
Log Management
Pen. Testing
MSSPs require most of the same technology as you would need in your own SOC, unless you accept great risk for reduced coverage.

The difference is tech is amortized over time at a high profit margin.

Doing nothing may seem like a way to defer costs until you need them. The problem is you can’t know how badly your operation will be impacted, nor what the true cost of a breach will be for your organization. For many businesses, a hack that disrupts their production, distribution, or ability to sell can be business ending.

Traditional MSSP services leave the responsibility on your team to take action on hundreds of alerts, including a high proportion of false positives. While some claim to offer MDR services, they don’t have their own technology; so their capabilities are limited, and their costs are largely fixed.

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Just wanted to let you know your team is awesome!!! Proactive, detailed and quick quick quick… We really appreciate the work you guys are doing for us. It really allows my team to relax knowing you guys are all over security for [us].


My advice would be “what are you waiting for?” IntelliGO is not optional, it is like car insurance. You would never drive a car without car insurance and you should never run an IT group without IntelliGO MDR.

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Amazing - thanks so much. Our hygiene scores next month will be through the roof!

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