While there are benefits to using our service for organizations of many sizes and levels of cybersecurity maturity, our MDR service is best-suited to Small and Medium Enterprises who are:

  • At risk of dire consequences should mission-critical applications/infrastructure cease operating.
  • "Prevention focused" in their cybersecurity investments (if all you've got is Antivirus and a Firewall, you are a good candidate).
  • Planning to make more important investments than next-generation security technology like a SIEM or Vulnerability Scanner.
  • Without experienced security personnel resources (eg, a security analyst or engineer).
  • Considering augmenting their current cybersecurity defenses (hardware, software, or people).
  • Undergoing or anticipating a compliance initiative.
  • Dealing with the fallout of a breach, right now.
  • Unsure of whether they have been breached, or whether they can be breached.


Why clients like these?

We know where our service fits best. There are several reasons we align with the organizations described:

  • SMEs are facing the same level of threats that large enterprise businesses are, but with far fewer resources to achieve the same level of protection. It’s less that we’re “benevolent protectors” (well, I mean, we are those too), and more that there’s greater value for clients who couldn’t protect themselves.
  • While a breach can cost an enterprise a lot of money, SMEs are less resilient in the face of such an attack. Certain apps/servers/assets are not just mission-critical, but critical to their very survival.
  • Second, they often haven't invested (yet) in creating their own Security Operations Centre (SOC). As our service replicates (and removes the need for) many features of such solutions, it’s better that we get in front of those investments.
  • Third, threat hunting has traditionally been the 'last phase' of the operations of the SOC; out of reach for most SMBs. By offering the benefits of an enterprise-grade SOC as a service, that door is finally accessible for businesses of your distinct size and budget. That's where our value shines through the most - to those businesses who, without us, would not be able to engage in the very activity their security investment is supposed to enable.
  • Finally, because you can "tick many of the boxes" for multiple compliance standards, without investing in technology or people, by subscribing to our service.