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Tell me about Managed Detection and Response...

IntelliGO's Managed Detection and Response Service ensures you are protected, by enabling the detection of, response to, and proactive prevention of intruders on your network, in your data centre, and at your endpoints. 

Traditional perimeter defenses that only issue notifications are insufficient to prevent intrusions. The way that these defenses work is by recognizing the signature of specific malware – leaving them vulnerable to both zero-day attacks, and tactics that don't fit the traditional definition of malware (eg, ransomware).


New Cybersecurity Paradigm

That's why the focus has shifted, to detecting that an intrusion is taking place, and responding to it – by quarantining, deleting, or killing the threat.  That's where our team of threat hunters excels. IntelliGO leverages great people, our proprietary technology, and a rigorous process, packaged as a managed service for our clients.

What takes the service to the next level, is that we equip your organization with actionable insight to increase your prevention posture. This adds a proactive (offensive) element to your cybersecurity defenses – by removing the vulnerabilities that hackers take advantage of.

We do this in a way that an IT generalist can action, quickly, without the need for a security analyst, or engineer.