Vulnerability Manager@700x.pngWhat does the Vulnerability Manager do?

The Vulnerability Manager scans for weaknesses in your servers/routers and collects information on hosts through open ports. By doing this, it identifies the vulnerabilities that exist within them and shows you what an attacker can see.

This provides regular security audits of all connected systems and assists with compliance and strong security posture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does scanning occur?

Typically once a month vulnerabilities are discovered and reported.

How long does a scan take?

Scans vary based on the number of hosts but typically average 5 minutes per 10 scans concurrently. Adjustments can be made for larger environments.

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What happens to scan results?

Our MDR Centre will review the results and provide recommendations on how to remediate the issue.

Where do your feeds come from?

Threat feeds and intelligence are gathered from subscription feeds. These are a mixture of open source and paid sources. 


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