IntelliGO PPA Request 

Prevention Posture Assessment:

IntelliGO's Prevention Posture Assessment enables you to assess whether our Managed Detection and Response service will be of value to your organization.

This one-time service is often an initial step for prospective clients, who want to see our value demonstrated before they move forward with our MDR service.

It is a comprehensive exploration of your environment, including security assets, endpoints, and any devices connected to your network. We identify vulnerabilities, active threats, dormant threats, and even pinpoint the location for questionable traffic. We will even connect to your network behind the firewall, to prove we catch what your existing security infrastructure misses.

The cost varies, but IntelliGO will fund the assessment for organizations that meet the criteria.The deliverable is a report that includes:

  • Traffic Analysis: We look for threats in your network traffic
  • Endpoint Analysis: We check the hygiene of your endpoints
  • Vulnerability Analysis: We will count, categorize, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your environment
  • System Compliance Analysis: We will help you to see risks of non-compliance