Our Partners

Why Partner with IntelliGO?

We take partnerships seriously. We believe that real results come to both parties, when we are aligned organizationally. That means we have overlapping values, goals, and strategies to realize them. That means we want partners who are as serious as we are about managing their clients' risk, securing their environment, and keeping their business-needs top of mind. And, who believe that the new cybersecurity paradigm of Detection and Response is the way to do it.

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We also know that from the perspective of our clients, it can be important to work with a partner who is local, of a certain size, or who is already managing their environment. That's why we have partnered with these organizations below, who have helped us begin deep and trusting relationships with 'best-fit' organizations.

Technology Partners

Looking to integrate?

We know that companies "want what we've got", and we're all for adding some IntelliGO to your repertoire. Just remember, the strategic alignment needs to be there; it's all about finding the best fit. What features make a best-fit technology partner? You have:

  • a compelling value proposition to service the small to medium sized enterprise 
  • a solution that is complementary to ours 
  • cybersecurity gaps in your offering that our service could address

If there is a fit, we are happy to consider you. Provide us with information about your company, and your offering, and we can assess whether IntelliGO is a good candidate for integration: