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IntelliGO is an appliance-based Network Access Control Platform. Our philosophy is to provide layers of security and multiple protection techniques including Agentless, 802.1X and Device-Based Security for every Device and Network Connection. We offer the simplest design with an unmatched feature set at scale. We're also the only NAC to support all of the following with a single license:

  • Agentless Visibility & Control: Find any device and segment your network without requiring 802.1X or changes to devices
  • On-Board Certificate Authority: Certificate Authentication, On-Boarding, Mass-Enrollment and PKI for sharing with tools like Firewalls/IPS/APT tools
  • MDM for Mobile Device Control: Multi-Platform Agents for Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Chromebook and Agentless support IoT. Change configuration of mobile devices or provide application management, security restrictions, remote lock, wipe and location services. Integrate with existing EMMs such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Blackberry, JAMF, Microsoft Intune and others.
  • Compliance Auditing: Multi-OS/Software Endpoint security checks for compliance include Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing, Encryption, Patch Management and detection of unwanted programs such as Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
  • NGFW, SIEM, ATD Integration: Advanced security automation such as bi-directional integration with Anti-Malware, Next Generation Firewalls and Security Information and Event Management Systems
  • Guest Networking: Guest authentication including wired and wireless networking, sponsored, self-sponsored and administratively approved scenarios
  • Threat Coordination: Malware and Vulnerability Discovery including detection of Indicators of Compromise for detecting advanced malware infections and preventing access prior to spreading internally

IntelliGO provides the most complete and affordable certificate authentication solution for networks on the market. We support a broad range of use caseswith certificates including:

  • Certificate Management: Create, revoke, renew, report on all certificates and the devices they are installed on.
  • Certificate On-boarding: Support self-enrollment for all major operating systems including Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and Chromebook.
  • Automatic Deployment: Use Microsoft Active Directory, EMM software or other 3rd party tools to enroll certificates from IntelliGO automatically.
  • 802.1X Authentication: Support EAP standards for strong WPA2 authentication from any supported operating system.
  • SSL Decryption: Deploy certificates to third party tools such as Web Filters, Firewalls, IPS and APT monitors to defend against malicious traffic over SSL
  • Email Encryption: Import keys into email clients and allow users to encrypt messages using S/MIME encryption for strong privacy of emails on all the most popular email clients

IntelliGO automatically discovers any operating system connected to the network without needing an appliance in every location. Our approach allows you to visualize and control the network and endpoints without deploying agents.

  • Device Fingerprinting: Listen to network SPAN/Mirror ports to automatically discover and classify devices
  • Advanced Probing: Enhance fingerprinting by capturing operating system, service and patch information for inventory and classification for network access on Windows, Linux and OSX.
  • Centralized Scanning: Actively scan equipment such as switches, access points and virtual machines for active hosts on the largest networks
  • Map Network and Connected Devices: Visualize connections to the network and browse active hosts across all infrastructure, pivot to view security information and compliance by network segment.
  • Authenticate Devices: Authenticate devices based on classification using 802.1X without deploying software to the endpoint
  • Dynamically Assign VLAN/Ports: Use our multi-OS API to interact with switch, access point and virtual software to change VLANs and Port Status without 802.1X.

IntelliGO provides agents for control of endpoints connecting to the network. Above on-boarding these operating systems IntelliGO provides continuous audits and control of the devices to change settings to bring devices into compliance. This is true of all major operating systems such as Windows, OSX, Android, iOS and Chromebook.

  • Mobile Device Configuration: Enforce compliance for PIN/Passcode, Restrict Settings and Control Data with selective wipe and attachment restrictions
  • Security Posture Assessment: Encryption, Password protection, Operating System patch level, Anti-malware protection Patch management clients, Potentially unwanted applications (File sharing, toolbars, etc.), Endpoint detection & response (EDR) clients and more
  • Security Commands: Lock, Wipe, Locate, Install/Remove Applications, Get Patches, Run Anti-Virus Scans to automate the process of maintaining security
  • Endpoint Status Agent: Allow users to understand their security state with helpful information and self-directed action for the most common compliance issues.

IntelliGO provides the glue to connect devices securely to networks and ensure a safe experience for your users. To this end our integration with 3rd party security products allows for an optimized security posture without heavy configuration

  • Endpoint Security Software: Interfacing directly with all major Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing, Encryption, Patch Management and Data Loss Prevention software as well as others allows control of every devices endpoint security state as part of allowing network communication
  • Next Generation Firewalls: Providing accurate user information for every device, indicator of compromise detection from APT modules, SSL-Decryption and 2 Factor Authentication for VPN clients, NGFWs provide the greatest value in integration with IntelliGO from a security perspective
  • Network Infrastructure: Enable 802.1X and MAC Bypass for automated, encrypted access and allow dynamic configuration of VLAN, ACL and QoS settings by user or device to optimize network experience by class of device.
  • Security Information and Event Management: IntelliGO provides Threat Intelligence tools like SIEM with the needed endpoint changes to determine threats, risks, perform inventory and get detailed information required for forensic investigations and correlations to endpoint events for security

IntelliGO enables users on your network to have a choice in operating system and safely enable use on the corporate network without jeopardizing security. This is achieved by including the right features to secure, segmented networks without relying on third part software. These features include

  • In-Built Mobile Device Management: Providing On-boarding, secure certificate-based access and restrictions to the most popular operating systems.
  • Network Segmentation: Automatically classify devices using the same credentials and segment access as you chose based on security, device state, user group or other factors
  • Security Commands: IntelliGO can secure devices even if they are not on the corporate network allowing selective or complete Wipe, lock or passcode change, location and other services to retrieve devices if lost or stolen. Ensuring a lost device does not mean loss of data.
  • Self-Enrollment and Application Ennoblement: Allow users to bring a device, purchase applications on their behalf and offer a simple on-boarding experience with containerization to email and attachments.

Visitors, Contractors expect connectivity when visiting corporate offices. As such a high-quality guest experience speaks to the maturity of your organization. With IntelliGO Network Access Control every aspect of the guest experience can be a high quality and highly branded experience. Our features include:

  • Guest Authentication and Restriction: Provide In-Built credential management to simply create credentials for guests in a variety of ways. Control access by limiting time, duration and many more network properties as part of the guest sessions.
  • Sponsored Guest Access: Allow Sponsor staff to simply create or approve guests without requiring access to the IntelliGO console completely.
  • Self-Sponsored Access: Allow guests to enroll themselves and either approve or simply be informed of their newly granted access. All access is pre-restricted so no IT involvement is required.
  • 2 Factor Approval: Allow users to leverage SMS or Email to receive credentials directly from IntelliGO without the need for a third party.