If you're not looking at everything you can't find everything

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Platforms aren't SIEMs.  They don't collect logs expensively from a subset of systems hoping to find attackers based on login information or data from your firewall.  

MDR collects much more information from Endpoints, security applications, threat intelligence sources and scans of the network.  This produces a much better picture of what is threatening your environment.  The problem is that picture is difficult to interpret and to action without a savvy team to do it.  That's why our MDR platform is offered with a team of CyberSecurity professionals behind it.  Together we offer not only the capability to detect issues we proactively test and respond to tighten defenses continuously. 

IntelliGO MDR Architecture covers more area than traditional platforms

Cloud, Network and Endpoint systems all play a part in our logging capability

We can flexibly integrate any application or source data into the platform.  Once inside our elite team will augment the in-built capabilities to search and report to filter and prioritize active threats as well as active test defenses. 

By combining the simulated offense and defense we find issues impacting security much faster than existing security programs by:

  • Security Configuration: Pro-actively testing security configuration and providing actionable information for firewalls, Active Directory, MDM and other systems. 
  • Incident Response: Providing a team to respond to any outbreak, infection or security issues we find. 
  • Reporting: providing reports and intelligence to staff in plain-English to define your changing security posture. 
  • Containment: our platform doesn't just log, our service can act on your behalf by segmenting threats, eliminating high-risk processes or reversing the effects of malware in your enterprise.