Who's in Your Environment? 

Active Threats, Potential Exploits...

Most CyberSecurity programs focus on implementing prevention tools like anti-virus or firewalls but still get breached.  In many cases these breaches were avoidable but organizations lacked the resources or technology to continuously validate their posture, until now. 


What do we look for? 

With IntelliGO MDR our elite security team leverages our purpose built stack over your prevention technology to continuously validate: 

  • Vulnerabilities: Our Scanner finds Vulnerabilities in all systems that attackers can use to run exploits and move through your environment.
  • Indicators of Compromise: Our team looks for Indicators of Compromise left behind by malware creators and command and control systems which indicate active breaches. 
  • Untrusted Devices: Our Access control automatically segments your network from unauthorized, insecure or malicious software currently in use
  • Actual Attackers: Provide attribution to understand through threat intelligence the hacker, exploit, impact and remediation during an incident. 

We Don't Just Find It...

We also provide actionable intelligence or fix it

Finding threats is good, preventing them is better. IntelliGO MDR can locate threats using logs, packets, threat intelligence and machine learning.  We can also contain or block threats with NAC/EDR or provide configuration changes to existing tools like firewalls, AV or Directories.  These three areas are what we mean about our service providing Visibility, Control and Automation. 

  • Visibility: See how processes, traffic or files were manipulated during an attack and learn how and who did it. 
  • Control: block processes, IP Address, devices or a combination to prevent further execution of problems - automatically!
  • Automation: use our automatic policies or security team to adjust network access, firewall rules or system configuration on our platform or directly on equipment you already own.