Under the Hood

We understand; you are a curious person. You want to know how something functions before going for a test-drive.

MDR works by connecting your network to our proprietary technology stack, providing visibility into all the devices (including endpoints, data centre hardware, security technology) connected thereto. With that insight, it is a combined effort of our Threat Hunters, Security Analysts, Engineers, 'virtual' CISO, and you – our client.

With those components in mind, the easiest way to articulate how IntelliGO’s MDR Service works, is by comparing it to the established process that an enterprise-grade SOC performs every day:

How do they do it?

They continuously monitor and refine configuration across the enterprise to deal with cybersecurity issues… or in other words, they proactively remove vulnerabilities, to reduce the (reactive) responses required. They achieve this through scanning, applying patches and managing configuration of endpoints and applications.

Large enterprises with an SOC know how to optimize their prevention posture, continuously. We know this, from our years of experience as a security reseller. These organizations staff accordingly, and employ an integrated tool-set to continuously refine their “Prevention Posture,” a term used to describe their ability to detect and respond to threats.




You might be thinking that you can remove vulnerabilities without an enterprise-grade SOC. All I need is a vulnerability scanner, right? Even if your IT generalist knew exactly which vulnerabilities were present, they likely don’t have the bandwidth to remedy them, nor the prescience to prioritize them. And, leaving it to end users is not a viable option. That’s why we provide actionable insight, to prioritize which of the (potentially thousands of) vulnerabilities that exist within your environment you should remove first.

By constantly reviewing and prioritizing issues with their prevention posture, these organizations become much harder to exploit than their peers. 

What makes IntelliGO different?

You mean, other than not having to build, staff, and manage that multi-million-dollar SOC? You can review our differentiators here.

There are several unique features that enable the benefits we mentioned. Click on any of them below for a detailed description. Note that the 'speeds and feeds' you can expect to encounter on the deep-dive are better suited to an agnostic IT person than a business decision maker.


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