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What is IntelliGO Discover?

Discover runs on the network, discovers all devices and can control and segment the network (Network Access Control or NAC) to send commands to switches to disconnect them, change VLANS.

It can automatically provide dynamic VLAN, ACLs or authorization which provides complete control, helps with compliance, and minimizes the time to enforce security on your network. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it scan s

witches/access points?

Discover uses SSH to interact with switches on the network which requires a username and password.


What switches are supported?

Cisco, Juniper and some HP families are supported.

How long does a scan take?

40 switches average about 5 minutes. Adjustments can be made for larger environments.

What can Discover do when it finds a new host?

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It can automatically notify through email alerts or tag a host to ensure it does not get access to the network.

This ensures no connections are made to switches which are not authorized.

How is this different to Sweeper tools or NMAP?

Discover will use SSH to read ARP information from switches which allows it to find any host on the network without requiring open ports or services on the host.

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