Adam Mansour

Adam Mansour is the CTO of IntelliGO Networks. He has been in Cybersecurity since 2005 as a consultant to some of the world's largest institutions in Retail, Defense, Finance and Manufacturing. Adam focuses on how to prevent and contain breaches and is the Product Manager for the IntelliGO Managed Detection and Response Service.

Posts By Adam Mansour

Why Your Cybersecurity Process is the Pr...

Adam Mansour   |     05, Dec 2018

2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

Adam Mansour   |     27, Nov 2018

PIPEDA & MDR: Breaches, Reporting and Ad...

Adam Mansour   |     02, Nov 2018

Foreshadow Patches & BSODs: A Conspiracy...

Adam Mansour   |     27, Aug 2018

Why We Need To Talk About Foreshadow

Adam Mansour   |     17, Aug 2018

5 Steps to Avoid Microsoft Patch Hell

Adam Mansour   |     16, Aug 2018

Why Nobody Wins in the Trustwave Lawsuit

Adam Mansour   |     23, Jul 2018

3 Reasons MDR is Necessary to Combat Liv...

Adam Mansour   |     19, Jul 2018

BMO & Simplii: What Went Right (and What...

Adam Mansour   |     05, Jun 2018

How MDR Works with your NGFW

Adam Mansour   |     19, Mar 2018

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