Adam Mansour

Adam Mansour is the CTO of IntelliGO Networks. He has been in Cybersecurity since 2005 as a consultant to some of the world's largest institutions in Retail, Defense, Finance and Manufacturing. Adam focuses on how to prevent and contain breaches and is the Product Manager for the IntelliGO Managed Detection and Response Service.

Posts By Adam Mansour

How Understanding Cybersecurity Threats ...

Adam Mansour   |     03, Apr 2020

How Not to Pay a Ransom (Twice)

Adam Mansour   |     12, Mar 2020

Evaluating Paths to Incident Response

Adam Mansour   |     05, Mar 2020

Why You Need a Software Restriction Poli...

Adam Mansour   |     20, Feb 2020

CCPA: No Extensions, No Excuses

Adam Mansour   |     07, Feb 2020

The Perfect Phishing Email

Adam Mansour   |     07, Jan 2020

2020 Cybersecurity Predictions

Adam Mansour   |     05, Dec 2019

Why Your AV Won't Stop Ryuk Ransomware

Adam Mansour   |     10, Oct 2019

Cybersecurity KPIs for the SMB

Adam Mansour   |     03, Jul 2019

Why Are We Seeing More Ransomware?

Adam Mansour   |     11, Jun 2019

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