Don't Just Collect Logs. Collect Everything!

Managed Detection and Response requires multiple sources to determine security state. For years cybersecurity teams had to choose what to log, how long to keep data and hope an attack is recorded within those parameters.

Now with IntelliGO MDR, collect all the data affordably to monitor and forensically investigate cyber attacks! 

How We Collect Data

  1. Endpoints - Packets, Logs, System State Changes, AV, Patch, DLP and Encryption Information
  2. Security Appliances -  Logs, Packets, API Calls
  3. Networks: Scan configurations, Netflow, Syslog, Packet Capture, Perform AAA.
  4. Cloud Systems: Collect data from hosted systems, API calls to Cloud Vendors

What's the difference? Logging all data with an elite team reviewing patterns helps identify threats and close security holes left by configuration, malware or new vulnerabilities. Want to see what this data can tell you in your environment just click: Download the PPA Sample