Analytics Round@700x.pngWhat does IntelliGO Analytics do?

Our MDR Center uses our platform to build powerful analytic visualizations to communicate your prevention posture. 

Our team works constantly to build analysis reports and escalations to provide you with the answers to the questions “have I been hacked?” and “can I be hacked?”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dashboards do you create?

The MDR Centre creates reports which examine the ability to prevent threats or aggregate data to show trends in threat detection. 


Can reports be customized?

Reports are intended to tell you how your security tools are performing and change moderately with each month as we learn more to ensure we focus on things that matter as part of the service.

One month might focus on vulnerabilities, while other months might focus on system due to lack of vulnerabilities. We always aim to show you what is relevant.

What is the reporting cycle?

We report analytics once a month and typically recommend keeping data for 90 days.

 Can you be breached? Download a sample of our Prevention Posture Assessment Report now.

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