Costs 90% Less


...than building an enterprise-grade security practice for yourselves.

No New Assets


No software, hardware, or people, to update, maintain, retain, or train. All you need is Antivirus and a Firewall, and a virtual machine. We do the rest.

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Value in first report


You get visibility into exactly what our threat hunters do for you in your first report. We provide actionable insight to improve your prevention posture.

Fast Implementation


With no hardware to install, our engineers can connect your network to our service in a few weeks, not months. 


Our service in 45 seconds

IntelliGO's MDR service equips your organization with enterprise-grade security, for the price of a single security analyst.


Our single-minded purpose is to crush, thwart, and dominate the threats within your environment. We are cybersecurity experts, and our proprietary platform enables us to offer you a service that is comprehensive, quick to implement, and doesn’t require you to invest in more security assets or personnel.


Rather than defending the perimeter, we focus on the detection of, and response to, threats within your environment. Our threat hunters leverage our proprietary platform to gain visibility into every aspect of your network, data centre, and endpoints.


We aren't just reactive. Each month, we provide you with prescriptive, actionable insight, to remove the vulnerabilities that intruders were able to slip through. It's not a laundry-list; we issue a comprehensive prioritization value, dictated by our proprietary algorithm. This enables you to proactively prevent breaches, by fixing the gaps that left you vulnerable.